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About Us


Our company is the sales agent of various products from USA, Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany and Spain) and Asia (Japan) also. We have different kinds of materials and machine availability such as NBR, PA, TPU, PVC, PP, PE, Silicone, leather belts, wire mesh, modular belts, joint equipments, glues, etc.

There are various ranges of belts type with high quality covered for several applications. These products are the best choice for the following your industries

  • Textile industry - Exturing, Ring spinning, OE spinning and weaving, winding, etc.
  • Food industry   - Pineapple, seafood, frozen dough bakery, biscuits and confectionery, etc.
  • Paper industry  - NBR feeding, paper conversion, folding machine.
  • Other industry  - treadmill, bowling, etc.
  • Automotive and tire industry - Metal sheet belt stamping, cure and uncure rubber process

More than 15 years, We have provided value services to our customer with our extensive experience in the industry

  • Provides best solution for solve belt problems
  • Provides special belt designs
  • On sites joint service


Our products


Products - Timing belts

Timing belts a non-slipping mechanical drive belt and can be supported factory automation, flexible and have many type to choose



Industries - Packaging

Industries - Packaging belt catalog is provided appropriate belt to packaging business. including flat belt and Heavy duty belt types. We are ready to serve you.


Tool & Equipment

Tool & equipment - PVC & PU for heater, round belt machine, flat belt tool, clipper, adhesives and rolling coverings are provided by our services.


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